Price List

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Average Residential System in Calgary

– Approximately $2000 – $5000

– there are a variety of shapes and sizes of lots as well as landscape features to be considered, but this estimated price is just to give you an idea of what a complete system, including plumbing and electronic controller might cost you.

Commercial System In Calgary

– Unfortunately we are unable to give an estimated price due to the various sizes of commercial property.

– Call for a free, no obligation estimate.

Service Call Price – $89.00

Service calls are usually any type of maintenance that your system may require. Additional replacement charges may apply.

Winterize Residential System

– $10.00 / zone. Minimum $65.00

Winterize Commercial System

– Call for quote.
(Winterizing is generally done around the last week of September.)

Spring Start Up

– $89.00 for residential

– contact us for commercial start up price

(Spring start up usually takes place towards the end of April to beginning of May.)

Please call Bill at (403) 312-6780 or Phil at (403) 463-3233 for all your pricing questions and to arrange for a free, no obligation, irrigation installation or service estimate.

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